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Dr. Dragutin Zelenovic (1928-2020)

Professor Dragutin Zelenovic passed away on Monday, April 27, he was 91 years old.  Professor Zelenovic was member of the IFPR Board for about 20 years (from ~1975 until 1990-ties). He was also General Chair of the VI ICPR Conference that was organized by University of Novi Sad, in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia in 1981. Dr. Zelenovic was long-time member of the Editorial Board of International Journal of Production Research. He was also internationally renowned for his work in group technology, flexible systems, and design and control of production systems.  Professor Zelenovic was elected a Corresponding Member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts on December 3, 1987, and on July 26, 2000 he was elected a full member of the Yugoslav Academy of Engineering in Belgrade.  He served as Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia from February 11 to December 11, 1991.

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